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Amigo To Invest $20 Million In Expansions


December 6, 2001
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Fiscal year (FY) 2002 is one of constant growth for Amigo Supermarkets. The company will be opening four new stores and remodeling seven others at an investment of $20 million, according to Executive President Jose Revuelta.

Revuelta said Amigo is also implementing a nighttime shelf-restocking system at nine stores and will expand the program to eight others in 2002. This program aims to make sure shelves are full of products during high-transit hours.

"In 2001, we added four stores and in FY 2002, we’re building four more, which should employ more than 600 people," said Revuelta. New stores will be located in Toa Alta, Dorado, Rexville (Bayamon), and Las Catalinas Mall, (Bayamon). The Toa Alta store was recently finished, the Rexville and Dorado stores are expected to be finished by March, and the store at Las Catalinas will be ready by next summer, he said.

Amigo is also having a good time lately. "We have seen our sales increase by about 18% in the past few months compared to last year," he said, adding that the chain is preparing for the Christmas season.

"We are adding 500 people to our staff to get ready for Christmas, which is a high season for supermarkets. Many of these temporary employees could find work at any of the new stores we are opening in the near future," explained Revuelta. Amigo has more than 4,000 employees.

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