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Jennifer Lopez to Shoot Two Films Next Year

November 21, 2001
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STOCKHOLM - Actress-singer Jennifer Lopez said on Wednesday she would make two new films next year and that she hoped to go on tour with her new album ``J.Lo.''

``I'm doing a couple of movies next year -- one romantic comedy and a drama with Ben Affleck,'' the Latin star told a news conference.

In the film ``Gigli,'' Lopez will play a female gunslinger who teams up with a hitman, played by Affleck, to kidnap a policeman's brother, according to Variety magazine.

Lopez, who did not give any details about the second film, recently starred in the romantic comedy ``Wedding Planner,'' a performance that made her the highest paid Latin American actress.

She said she could not choose between acting or singing as a career, but dreamt of more live performances. Lopez has performed live only once, in her family's native Puerto Rico in September.

``I've been wanting to go on a tour for a while now, but it hasn't worked out yet. But I really love performing on stage -- it's so fulfilling,'' she said, adjusting her sun glasses.

The 31-year-old New York-born star was in Stockholm to kick off her European promotion tour.

Her album has sold over seven million so far, but her agents say the superstar status she enjoys in the United States has so far eluded her in Europe.

Lopez, sporting pin-striped trousers and a modest white round-neck pullover, said she was not frightened about traveling after the September 11 attacks on the United States and normal life must go on.

``These are terrible times, but I think that as an artist I have a responsibility now to bring some lightness into people's lives with my music,'' she added.

In true celebrity form she arrived late for Wednesday's media session, and promptly stated she would rather not be there at all.

``If it were up to me I wouldn't answer any questions at all. I just want to sing and dance, and this is part of the job, so I guess it's OK,'' Lopez said.

Being a megastar, with paparazzi photographers watching her every move, takes its toll, she added.

``It really sucks sometimes, when paparazzi infringe on my personal life,'' Lopez said, adding that her husband Cris Judd and a steaming bath were all she needed to find calm.

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