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Comments: Doing The Work Of The Independistas

November 28, 2001
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If you're looking for self-determination for Puerto Rico, then your position against usage of Vieques by the US Navy is right on target.

Opinion in the US is starting to turn around to the thought that Puerto Rico is basically useless and does nothing for the US in return for American expenses on the island.

The concept that Puerto Rico should make itself useful never seems to occur to those involved in the Vieques protests. You should be careful to point out to America just how useful Puerto Rico really is to the US when you bargain to kick the US out of Vieques, especially now in a time of national emergency when such treatment will be seen as extremely shabby and unworthy. Perhaps that will help fend off anti-Puerto Rican sentiment in the US as more and more Americans take the position of the independistas that Puerto Rico should go its own way.

Do Puerto-Rican politicians who are fueling that fire have a mental defect or something? Do they not realize they are doing the work of the independistas?

Efrain Colon-Gallardo
November 23, 2001

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