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Crowley Receives 14-Acre "Promised Land" From Ports After 10 Years


November 22, 2001
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After waiting for 10 years, the Puerto Rico Ports Authority finally ceded Crowley Lines Service a 14-acre area next to the company’s Isla Grande terminal known as Hangar 21 so it can centralize operations, said Roberto Lugo, Operations vice president for Crowley in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

"We have been waiting for 10 years for the Ports Authority to lease this land to the company–it has been our promised land for that long. In 2000, when we finally decided to move Crowley’s operations from Puerto Nuevo to Isla Grande, it was with the understanding that the company would be able to lease the additional hangar area," said Lugo.

The 14-acre land site will cost Crowley some $25,000 per acre annually, or about $350,000 per year. The company had been leasing 16 acres of space at Piers 15 and 16 in Puerta de Tierra, next to Puerto Rico Line’s Hual. Crowley hopes to have all operations based at Isla Grande by December.

Crowley Lines Service Puerto Rico & Caribbean is the oldest ocean carrier in Puerto Rico, established since 1974 when it purchased 22-year old Trailer Marine Transport. Its 13 barges and tugboats’ operations are consolidated in the now 84-acre terminal at Isla Grande, where it stores 4,000 containers and trailers (trucks with containers attached) in its local inventory.

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