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Port of the Americas’ Management-Contract RFP To Be Issued In December


November 8, 2001
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The request for proposal (RFP) for the management contract to operate the transshipment Port of the Americas will be issued in December, and the bidder will be selected in June.

Port of the Americas Project Manager Hector Jimenez Juarbe confirmed London-based Ocean Shipping Consultants and New York law firm Allen & Overy are preparing the RFP.

"We have already handed them the list of items that must be included in the RFP," Jimenez Juarbe said. He added that the consultants are preparing a legal structure with different alternatives for the contract, such as public- and private-sector joint management or single-company management, among others.

Jimenez Juarbe said that although recent events have set back the RFP’s time frame, he plans to give bidders two months to analyze it and submit proposals.

"We need time to study each proposal," he said, adding that by June 2002, the bidder will have been selected.

Next on the Port of the Americas’ agenda is that by Nov. 15, it will receive the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ reaction to its preliminary Environmental Impact Statement (P-EIS). If the P-EIS is given the green light, a final draft will be submitted to the Corps. This final draft will be subject to public hearings by the Corps and will be filed with the local Planning and Environmental Quality Boards.

Jimenez Juarbe is confident that the Port of the Americas has enough interest from the international maritime industry to make it a feasible project.

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