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Microjuris.Com Extends Internet Voucher & Tax Stamp Sales


November 1, 2001
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Leading online legal information and service provider has expanded its eColecturia service, which allows users to purchase and print Puerto Rico Treasury Department voucher and revenue stamps through the Internet.

"This new service will help lawyers, public accountants, architects, banks, insurance firms, and other commercial establishments to carry out transactions instantly, while improving their interaction with the government," said Fernando Lloveras, president of

The Treasury initiated the pilot program a year ago limiting its use to lawyers. More than 40 local law firms are registered with the service. Now, the service will be extended to everyone.

"With this new service, stamps are available for printing 24 hours a day, seven days a week through an Internet-enabled system that offer the latest anti-fraud technology," said Eric Santiago, general manager of

The service is accessed through Before using the service, those interested must register through the website and be approved by the Treasury. Once approved, an escrow account with Banco Popular is opened to deposit client’s funds to be used for purchases of voucher and tax stamps. A printer is installed on the user’s premises, which prints the special stamps. The printer carries a monthly fee of $25 that must be paid in advance every three months.

Every voucher or revenue stamp transaction carries a minimum charge. Charges will be based on10% of the cost of all transactions of less than $30. Transactions of more than $30 will have a fixed charge of $3 per transaction.

The service includes various voucher and revenue stamps like those required to file corporate annual reports, intellectual property registration, notary taxes, corporations registry filings, internal revenue, and legal-assistance and court filings, among others.

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