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NPP Confirms New Internal Leadership


October 3, 2001
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SAN JUAN (AP) - The New Progressive Party (NPP) Directorate confirmed Tuesday the designation of nine internal positions within the collectivity, among them NPP Rep. Angel Cintron as general secretary and Luis Fortuño as Statehood Educational Mission director.

NPP President Carlos Pesquera said the nine candidates were unanimously confirmed by the directorate.

In a press conference at the NPP headquarters in Santurce, Pesquera defended Cintron's designation.

The legislator is a member of four legislative committees and is in his last year of law school. Now he is also the NPP secretary.

"I assume the responsibility and assure the party base that they have an excellent and committed group," Pesquera said.

Cintron assured that he has the capabilities to carry out all his responsibilities.

"This is a matter of organization, discipline, and team work," the new NPP secretary said.

Among the other designations are Sylvia Maysonet as deputy secretary, Tomas Rivera Schatz as electoral commissioner, Ramon Bauza Escobales as alternate electoral commissioner, and Felipe Carro as treasurer.

Andres Guillemard is the Statehood Mission deputy director; Armando Feliciano is the president's assistant; and Jose Enrique Melendez is the state director for the party's reorganization.

Pesquera also announced their first fund-raising activity - a radio rally to be held Oct. 27 at the NPP headquarters.


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