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Puerto Rican Professional Association To Expand

August 22, 2001
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MIAMI, FL -- After dozens of requests from Puerto Rican professionals all over the United States, we have clearly identified the need an opportunity to fill a vacuum for Puerto Rican professionals throughout the Nation by seeking to develop PROFESA chapters throughout the United States. Time and again, Puerto Rican professionals throughout the United States have heard of PROFESA and expressed to us that often they do not identify with existing community organizations, but seek professional affiliations that can contribute to the development of such organizations, while giving them a venue to be active in their communities, network with Puerto Rican counterparts and enhance their sense of belonging.

PROFESA is a not-for profit, non-partisan organization conceived on April 28, 1999 with the mission of establishing a platform that unites Puerto Rican professionals through culture and networking, developing empowerment opportunities and providing service to the community, while promoting cultural awareness and recognizing the contributions of Puerto Ricans. Simply put, PROFESA is a group of Puerto Rican professionals committed to the development of the Puerto Rican community in the United States.

Initiated by a group of Puerto Rican professionals in South Florida, PROFESA was created to fill a void in the Puerto Rican community and help strengthen existing community organizations in the area by drawing talent and leadership from the large and underrepresented pool of Puerto Rican professionals in the region. In just a year-and-half, PROFESA has become one of the largest Puerto Rican organizations in South Florida and one of the most active in the community.

With its expansion intent, PROFESA's goal is to find similar underrepresented communities where Puerto Ricans "fall through the cracks", identifying and recruiting Puerto Rican professionals to become more active in their communities. The only requirement is the development of a committed nucleus that can represent their communities to help themselves and those in need.

PROFESA has not set specific sites for the chapters, but will depend on the interest and capability of Puerto Rican professionals in the different cities. All we need to start each chapter is a group of 20 to 25 committed professionals that have no agendas other than to represent the well-being and development of their respective communities. Once we have these groups identified, we will help develop the infrastructure for a successful and active organization that can operate under the infrastructure of a National banner.

To contact PROFESA and see how you can help develop a chapter in your city, call 305-981-5513, visit our website at <> or email us

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