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Navy's New Site Targets Hispanics

Hispanic Internet Users Growing Rapidly

Navy's New Site Targets Hispanics

Service tries different approach to marketing


August 10, 2001
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The U.S. Navy is looking for a few ``buenos'' men and women.

Looking to attract recruits of Hispanic origin, the U.S. Navy -- with the help of website designer -- last week launched, an interactive website aimed at informing Hispanics about opportunities within the Navy.

``This new site will reach out to potential recruits and their families, as together they make the important decision of whether the U.S. Navy would be a positive experience for them,'' said Eddie Batiz, chief executive officer of ``Since all the armed forces are doing general marketing, we wanted to do something differently for the Latino community.'' was also designed to generate a better understanding of the U.S. Navy's role and mission throughout the world, while emphasizing the career opportunities offered.

As the fastest-growing ethnic group, Hispanics have become the recruitment target of organizations nationwide -- both public and private. With recent census reports indicating that more than 35 percent of Hispanics are under the age of 18, the Navy has initiated advertising and recruiting programs that target this demographic set to maintain a diversified workforce.

``We are extremely pleased to be able to offer the website to the Hispanic community,'' said Capt. Larry Musto, advertising and marketing director, Department for Commander, Navy Recruiting Command. ``This site gives us the opportunity to connect with the Hispanic community and demonstrate our appreciation of their culture and values.''

Through the use of real life examples of people, jobs and opportunities, the audience can actually ``see and hear'' other Hispanics who are living the Navy life -- one they report to be ``exciting, challenging and rewarding.''

The site also contains a timeline of Naval contributions made by Hispanics over the centuries. The first rear admiral in the history of the U.S. Navy -- Jorge Farragut -- was a Spaniard who fought during the Revolutionary War.

``These are the things they did not teach us in school,'' Batiz said.

Hispanic Internet Users Growing Rapidly - Report

July 25, 2001
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WASHINGTON - Hispanics in the United States are going online in rapidly increasing numbers and half of them are now Internet users, according to a study released on Wednesday.

``That 50 percent number is a big deal, considering minorities are said to have less access,'' said Tom Spooner, a primary author of the study by the independent Pew Internet and American Life Project.

The study found Hispanic Internet users increased 25 percent during the year ending in February, led by women and adults under 34.

But Elsa Macias, the director of information technology at Tomas Rivera Policy Institute, a think tank for Hispanic issues in Claremont, California, said the Pew numbers seemed inflated.

``It would be nice if they were that high,'' she said.

She pointed to numbers put out by the Commerce Department last October, which put the number of Hispanic households with Internet service as of August 2000 at 23.6 percent.

The Commerce Department report measured access to the Internet on home computers and therefore would be likely to be lower, she said.

The Pew report said more Americans of all races and economic backgrounds were going online but ``Hispanics are embracing the Net with greater-than-average enthusiasm''.

More than two million Hispanics used the Internet for the first time in the 12 months ending February 2001, according to the study. While the greatest growth in first-time Internet usersoverall came from people in their 50s, the majority of first-time Hispanic Internet users were adults under 34.

The report was based on several telephone polls conducted between March 2000 and this February and had a margin of error of 4 percent.

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