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McDonald's Tests Latin Flavors

August 2, 2001
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The Big Mac attack is adding a Latin flavor.

The world's largest fast-food chain is trying to tap into the Hispanic consumer market in South Florida by adding classic Latin staples to its traditional menu of burgers and fries.

McDonald's last weekend launched the New Taste Menu of South Florida.

Hungry customers can choose the classic Cuban sandwich with ham, pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard on toasted Cuban-style bread.

For a treat, they can try the Dulce de Leche McFlurry with carmelized, sweetened condensed milk. And the breakfast crowd can sample the Latin McOmelet, featuring a folded omelet with diced tomatoes, ham, onions and spicy cheese on a fresh-baked roll. Even lovers of McNuggets will have a Latin option -- pineapple mango dipping sauce.

"This is a chance to test the viability of the products and see if this is something that our consumers like," said Silvia Jaramillo, assistant marketing manager for the company's South Florida region. "Hopefully, in the mind of consumers, it will give people more reasons to come to McDonald's."

The fast-food chain will decide whether to keep the items on the menu and expand the offerings to other restaurants based on results.

McDonald's is the latest to try to tap into the Hispanic market. M&M/Mars recently launched a Dulce de Leche-Caramel Chocolate Candies in five predominantly Hispanic markets, including Miami.

The fast-food chain's move has already caused some skepticism.

"In a predominantly Latin community, you can go anywhere to get Latin food," said Denise Rodriguez, 33. "McDonald's is famous for its hamburgers and fries. They need to stick with this stuff."

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