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New Film To Be Produced Locally


August 2, 2001
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At an estimated investment of $7.5 million, W Blass Entertainment Group Inc. is in the midst of producing the new film "High Conspiracy" IN Puerto Rico.

"High Conspiracy" is based on real life events, embellished with the creativity of its author and producer Wilson Blass. It is the story of four young men who commit a crime the night they celebrate their admission to Harvard University.

Twenty-five years later, all four of them are prominent figures, yet tormented for what they did. The thriller combines political corruption, crime, and suspense.

Manuel A. Biascoechea, of FP&D Films, said the film was originally titled "Bastard — Bad Blood Heir" but the name was changed as part of the producer’s marketing strategy, which includes marketing the film in 28 countries.

The cast includes local celebrities Cordelia Gonzalez, Cesar Evora, Saul Lisazo, Pedro Juan Figueroa, Jaime Bello, Lillian Hurst, Adamaris Lopez, Ofelia D’Acosta, Marilyn Pupo, Raul Carbonell, Peter Hans, Maritza Baiges, Wilson Blass, fiscal Mayra Mulero, and Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2000 Zoribel Fonalledas, among others.

Directed by Luis Gerard, the film also features stateside actors William Vines, and Jeffrey Reeves.

Investors and sponsors of the project include Westernbank, JC Penney, the Puerto Rico Film Commission, J.J. Alvarez (art decoration), the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, Inter American University, and San Pablo Hair Designers, among others.

High Conspiracy will be shot on-location in Aguadilla’s Los Almendros park, Cabo Rojo’s lighthouse, Canovanas’ Casa de Campo, and Old San Juan streets, homes, bars, hotels, restaurants, and historical sites.

"The actual filming can take up to six weeks. Editing, however, will surely take a lot more time because it is estimated that for each day of filming, you need at least three days to do the editing," added Biascoechea.

He told CARIBBEAN BUSINESS High Conspiracy would be filmed in 35 mm format, and all in Spanish with English subtitles. This, he said, would assure its participation in international film festivals under the foreign movies category.

Regarding the film’s distribution, Biascoechea said W Blass Entertainment is under negotiation with Miramax Films, Universal International, and the Fox Network.

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