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Vibroacustic Argument Withdrawn

Kennedy Goes to Court

200 Police Headed To Vieques

Poll: 61% Want Navy Out

Security Measures To Be Increased

Acevedo Vila: Vieques Not Indispensable


Vibroacustic Argument Withdrawn From Federal Lawsuit

June 12, 2001
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SAN JUAN (AP) - The Puerto Rico government withdrew the vibroacoustic argument of the lawsuit filed in federal court in Washington D.C., against the U.S. Navy military exercises in Vieques.

The new argument is that the court should order the permanent halt of naval exercises due to "psychological anguish" and other violations to the quality of life that the people in Vieques allegedly suffer as a result of the military exercises.

Representing the government, Covington & Burling sustains in the case summary that the ship to shore bombing violates the recently implemented local Noise Control Law, but does not mention the vibroaoustic disease, as in the original lawsuit.

Justice Secretary Anabelle Rodriguez said the vibroacoustic argument is not necessary because "we have enough information related to the noise level to prove the Navy is in violation of the law."


Kennedy Goes to Court Over Vieques

June 11, 2001
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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) -- Robert Kennedy Jr. is set to appear in federal court July 6 on trespassing charges stemming from protests on Vieques island, an attorney for the environmentalist said Monday.

Former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo will be representing Kennedy and New York labor leader Dennis Rivera, said Scott Edwards, a lawyer for Kennedy's White Plains, N.Y.-based environmental group, Water Keeper Alliance.

Kennedy and Rivera were among some 180 people arrested in late April and early May during protests against naval bombings on Vieques, a small island east of Puerto Rico.


200 Police Agents Headed To Vieques

June 11, 2001
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SAN JUAN (AP) - 200 police agents will travel to Vieques Monday, as part of the readiness plan for the resumption of U.S. Navy exercises, said Col. Jose Caldero, from the Fajardo area.

The police agents will be joining another 60 agents who were permanently assigned to the island municipality since April, during the last round of military exercises that lasted until May 2, according to published reports.

The activation of the agents constitutes the largest display of police forces since the death of David Sanes two years ago.


Poll: 61% Of Vieques Residents Favors The Ousting Of U.S. Navy

June 11, 2001
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SAN JUAN (AP) - More than 60% of Vieques residents favored the ousting of the U.S. Navy from the island municipality, according to a poll published by a local daily.

The poll shows 61% of those surveyed favored the ousting of the Navy, while 39% favored its presence on Vieques.

Ramon Martinez, marketing director for Atento of Puerto Rico which conducted the poll, said it is not scientific, and it merely shows the opinion of those who were surveyed. The margin for error was not offered.

122 of those surveyed said they will vote for the Navy ousting and 118 blame the military for the 18% cancer rate on the island municipality, which represented 59% of the people consulted. 41% said the contrary, 59% rejected the Navy's claim that the island is vital to national defense, and 41% thinks it is.

Meanwhile, 40% of the people consulted described the governor's way of dealing with the issue as adequate.


Navy To Increase Security Measures Due To Robbery

June 10, 2001
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SAN JUAN (AP) - The U.S. Southern Command announced Friday that due to the robbery of 76 fence posts on Camp Garcia they will reinforce security measures, and will use more guardian dogs to protect the premises.

"The security personnel placed more barbed wire on the fence area that was damaged. Camp Garcia security forces were increased with the use of guardian dogs and modern equipment to detect any offender that may try to trespass on U.S. Navy land," said Rear Adm. Kevin Green.


Acevedo Vila: Vieques Not Indispensable For Navy Maneuvers

June 9, 2001
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Source: World Reporter (TM)

New York, Jun 8 (EFE).- The military training exercises to be held next week on Vieques will show that the island off eastern Puerto Rico is not indispensable for U.S. Navy maneuvers, the Puerto Rican resident commissioner in Washington said Friday.

"They are only going to simulate an invasion and fire from a plane, which they can do elsewhere," said Commissioner Anibal Acevedo Vila.

Acevedo Vila recalled that the Pentagon maintains that Vieques is the only place where it can carry out synchronized training, firing from planes and ships and simulating an amphibious invasion.

"Which means that the excuse that Vieques is the only place where they can do these three things is no longer applicable to next week and therefore, the only thing we will have is an act of intimidation and arrogance by the U.S. Navy," he said.

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