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Automatic Parking Systems To Be Built In Puerto Rico


May 10, 2001
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At an initial investment of $4 million, Automatic Parking Corp. will build a manufacturing plant for research, development, and assembly of automatic parking systems in the Loiza area.

This will be the only company building these systems in the United States.

"The need to implement these parking systems has existed in Puerto Rico and the States for a long time. It is a simple and necessary way of maximizing the use of space in urban centers. We have adopted the systems used in Europe and Argentina and will build them locally," said Marcos Radonic, president of Automatic Parking Corp. "With our system, up to 90 vehicles can be parked on eight floors in the space a single-level parking would accommodate 12 vehicles."

The plant is expected to be in production next year, employing up to 50 people and generating 150 indirect jobs. Production is expected to hit 4,000 storage positions per year. The plant will also have a small hotel for people traveling to the island for training.

The parking system is composed of a receiving station and storage area. Cars are stopped at the receiving station were a dolly carries them to a vertical storage room. The procedure is fast and doesn’t require an operator.

"We conducted a study in Plaza Las Americas and it takes you an average of seven minutes to exit the store and get in your car. With our system we can drop this time to 2.5 minutes," said Radonic. "Also, since cars are stored by the system and no one is allowed in the storage area, vandalism and accidents are virtually eliminated. Furthermore, our completely automated system could drop insurance rates for the parking operator up to 90%."

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