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FCC Reviewing State Of Carrier Competition In Puerto Rico


May 3, 2001
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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is reviewing the way Verizon is handling the Puerto Rico Telephone after the merger of Bell Atlantic and GTE. The review came after WorldNet’s filing of a letter asking the FCC to get involved in opening the local telecommunications market.

"We asked the FCC to get involved in the local competition state as Puerto Rico was left out of some requirements with which GTE and Bell Atlantic had to comply in every geographic area they service before they could merge into Verizon," said David Bogaty, president of WorldNet Telecommunications Inc. "These requirements would provide a more level playing field for all telecommunications companies, and in the end benefit the consumer."

The FCC required Verizon to comply with 25 points that would promote competition between telecommunication carriers before the merger could be approved.

Bogaty added that when the merger was finalized, no one complained about Puerto Rico being left out. "Their excuse was that they own only 40% of the company. But they actually have management control so the rules must apply. This is discriminating against the Puerto Rican consumer," said Bogaty.

Last week Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioner visited the island as keynote speaker for the Hispanic Internet Conference, but also to review the state of competition for the local telecommunications industry, and meet with carriers and the Puerto Rico Telephone.

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