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Prepa Plants Top EPA’s 10 Worst Violators In Puerto Rico


April 19, 2001
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Power plants of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority occupy the top four spots of the Environmental Protection Agency’s list of Puerto Rico’s 10 worst violators releasing toxic chemicals into the local environment in 1999.

Toxic chemical releases in Puerto Rico for over 600 chemicals and chemical categories tracked by the agency’s Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) were up 3.8%–from 16.9 million pounds in 1998 to 17.54 million pounds in 1999.

The top 10 offenders were listed as:

  1. Prepa–South Coast power plant in Guayanilla.
  2. Prepa–Aguirre power generation plant in Salinas.
  3. Prepa–Cambalache combustion turbine plant in Arecibo.
  4. Prepa–San Juan steam power plant in Puerto Nuevo.
  5. Abbot Health Products Inc. in Barceloneta.
  6. Pharmacia & Upjohn Caribe Inc. in Arecibo.
  7. Prepa–Palo Seco power plant in Levittown, Toa Baja.
  8. Coatings Inc. & Co. in Bayamon.
  9. Schering-Plough Products, L.L.C. in Las Piedras.
  10. Phillips Puerto Rico Core Inc. in Guayama.

Since 1988, the TRI has been released to the public by the EPA annually.

The Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986 requires industrial entities each year to report what kind and what quantity of toxic chemicals are released by their facilities into the air, water or land.

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