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"Something I Don’t Totally Understand About Vieques..."

April 7, 2001
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TO: Puerto Rico Herald

RE: Something I Don’t Totally Understand About Vieques

Ok, I am a little confused here. I can understand the people that live on Vieques frustration about the U.S. Navy. I, myself, would not want bombs exploding around my place. However, they also talk that when the Navy leaves, they want to make it a #1 vacation destination. Well, that's fine and dandy.

What I don't understand is that these same people that want to make Vieques a place for people to go to on vacation, and in the same breath also saying that Vieques's environment is contaminated because of the Navy. People are dying of cancer and are suing the U.S. Navy for that, but yet they are perfectly willing to invite tourists to spend time at the same contaminated land????

Sorry folks, but something doesn't jive here. It seems to me that the "Old mighty buck" has spoken on Vieques. It's not a pretty picture. Unless someone can prove otherwise, the only thing that the Vieques people are concerned about is making money, and at other people's expense.

I sure don't want to visit a place where I might get cancer just so a hotel or souvenir shop can line their pockets with my money!!

No thanks, not me. I think I'll just take my chances and travel to the "hoof and mouth disease" plagued Europe. At least it's not fatal to humans!!




Editorial: Your Turn

April 7, 2001
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Citizens Not Only Have Rights But Also Responsibilities

Julio Noboa's March 31 column, [t]here is Mr. Noboa's swipe at the Navy's use of the island of Vieques , which he identifies as an example of ongoing, racially based exploitation.

He does not indicate why the use of this real estate is fundamentally different than that of any bombing or gunnery range in California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon or elsewhere, except for the ethnicity of the persons affected.

I grew up near one of those other ranges. Neither I nor my neighbors thought to protest, since we realized that citizens not only have rights but also responsibilities, one of which is to help provide for the common defense - including areas in which the military can practice its deadly but necessary skills.

If the people of Puerto Rico find this inconvenience too high a price to bear, they should vote for independence.

Morgan Liddick

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