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Viva Miguel!

Reviewed by Gerald Martinez

March 18, 2001
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PICK OF THE WEEK LUIS MIGUEL - Vivo (WEA) LUIS Miguel is undoubtedly the most successful Latin star of the '90s. The 30-year- old has won four Grammys and sold over 36 million records worldwide. Perhaps because he hasn't crossed over with English songs like Ricky Martin, he isn't as well known internationally.

Born in Puerto Rico, but raised in Spain and Mexico, Miguel is the son of Italian actress Marcela Basteri and Spanish singer Luisito Rey, himself a Latin star in the '60s.

The young Miguel was spotted performing at a birthday party in Veracruz by a Mexican record executive, and was promptly given a record deal. Within a year, he was on the way to becoming one of Mexico's biggest teen stars.

Miguel won his first Grammy in 1985 for his Spanish hit I Like You Just The Way You Are. Developing a more sophisticated image modelled on singers like Julio Iglesias and Frank Sinatra, Miguel began singing less pop- orientated material, and in the process achieved a multitude of gold and platinum selling singles and albums on the Latin American charts.

This album is more or less a greatest hits collection. It starts out with Quiero and Tu Solo Tu, hard-hitting uptempo numbers with a touch of funk about them.

But as you might expect, ballads are his forte, and in a section called Segundo Romance he runs through a medley of several plaintive numbers.

He certainly has an excellent voice, powerful and emotive. Indeed his voice is a stronger version of Julio Iglesias's, although in places he sounds a bit like Elvis Presley!

A mix of uptempo pop-funk tunes follows, before he moves into another selection of ballads to end the evening. Somehow ballads sound much more romantic in Spanish!

All in all, a very polished set by one of the current Kings of Latin Pop.

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