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The Boston Globe

Puerto Ricans Aren't Groveling

March 19, 2001
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    I TAKE ISSUE WITH YOUR ARTICLE ON PUERTO RICO'S NEW GOVERNOR, SILA CALDERON ("SWEET TALK, TOUGH TAKE, ON ISLAND," PAGE A1, FEB. 26). For example, you write of the governor, "She prefers to keep Puerto Rico's commonwealth status rather than grovel for the chance to become the 51st state."

    Grovel? Grovel? Those in Puerto Rico who are part of the New Progressive Party (48 percent of the population) have sought to make the island a responsible, fully accountable, tax-paying entity in order to be represented in the US Congress and to have the right to vote for president.

    Calderon's Popular Democratic Party, on the other hand, seeks to keep a status quo in which Puerto Rico is given US handouts.

    It would have been much more beneficial to your readers to write a fair and more explanatory account of the issues Puerto Rico faces, especially since this is one of the few times that Puerto Rico is even mentioned in the Globe.

    South Boston

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