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A Common Bond: Our United States Citizenship

March 16, 2001
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It is a very unfortunate the debate that has ensued after the victory of WBA heavyweight champion John Ruiz. Félix Trinidad Sr. stated that John Ruiz is not a true Puerto Rican since he was not born here in the island.

What is been overlooked by everybody are the things we island residents have in common with our fellow Puerto Ricans and all Latinos in the United States mainland. We share a common ancestry, but there is a common bond, a common denominator that nobody can question and is exactly the same for all: our United States citizenship. And that common denominator that holds us together, is protected by our most fundamental law, the United States constitution.

Our U.S. citizenship is an essential part of our Puerto Rican identity. Is engrained in our being. Our U.S. citizenship keeps the Puerto Rican family together, no matter if we are born in Toa Baja, Newark or any other U.S. city.

John Ruiz is a fellow Puerto Rican American, just like Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Eduardo Bathia, Manny Suarez or even Robert Rabin. What holds us together is our U.S. citizenship. Let us never divide our family.


Eduardo Báez

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