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"Congress Owns The Island And Will Do What Ever It Likes With It"

DATE: February 13, 2001


RE: Congress Owns The Island And Will Do What Ever It Likes With It


Comments: I like to read the articles you have about the politics on the island. You seem to report the events in an open mind.

I live in New York and I guess I have a more American view on the island and it's whole status. The island should be part of the United States and have all the rights of a state.

Issues like the Vieques problem would be better handled if the people had representation in congress. The only way I see that the people get to choose what happens is if they were in more control.

I think Puerto Rico’s going to be a state whether the people on the island vote for it or not. Congress owns the island and will do what ever it likes with it. I hope it will make it a state.

John Huertas
New York

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