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Chayanne, Ricky Martin To Be Eliminated From Tourism Campaigns

February 14, 2001
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SAN JUAN (AP) - Singers Ricky Martin and Chayanne, as well as prominent sports figures, will be eliminated from the Puerto Rico government's international promotional campaign, Tourism Co. Executive Director Jorge Pesquera said.

"I think the use of prominent people is a technique that can be effective, and it is one of the areas that we will be evaluating, but at this moment, I don't see the continuation of these artistic figures," said Pesquera when asked about the campaigns starring Chayanne and Martin under the slogan "Puerto Rico Does It Better."

The reason for eliminating the campaign, he said, is because it has been going for a long time, and "I think this is the moment to find a new strategy and see which is more effective."

This includes the campaign's slogan.

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