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Calderon Promises To Work On Five Key Areas In The Tourism Industry


February 15, 2001
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Gov. Sila Calderon has vowed to work on five key areas related to the tourism industry–environment and cleaning, development of tourism products, legislation, marketing, and the restructuring of the Tourism Co.

"Environment and development of products are two areas that go hand-in-hand," Puerto Rico Tourism Co. Executive Director Jorge Pesquera said after the Calderon Administration’s first working session with heads of the tourism, manufacturing and business sectors.

Pesquera noted that it is of utmost importance for the Tourism Co. to revamp its statistics in order to make it into a powerful decision-making tool, a tool that could help the Tourism Co. determine where marketing dollars should be invested.

Thus far, the Calderon Administration promises to continue targeting the traditional leisure, business, and group markets along with combining niche markets–adventure, culture, heritage and nature–into the equation.

To avoid marketing overlaps and cut down on marketing costs, Pesquera plans to create a new entity similar to a convention and visitors bureau (CVB) to promote leisure and business travel, including meetings and conventions.

In a previous interview with CARIBBEAN BUSINESS, Pesquera said a CVB would provide a platform for refining the idea of better integration in terms of destination marketing.

One issue that must be resolved before creating a CVB, which needs legislative approval, is to identify the common ground among the Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association, Tourism Co., and Convention Bureau.

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