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GOP's Strategy For Hispanic Appeal

January 19, 2001
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WASHINGTON (AP) - Some of the strategies discussed at the Republican National Committee meeting this week to appeal to Hispanic voters.

  • Ask Republican leaders at the local level to reach out to Hispanic community leaders, talk about the party and address concerns about the GOP raised by the Democrats.

  • Aggressively advertise to ask Hispanics to keep an open mind and note that Republican politicians like George W. Bush are very interested in winning their vote.

  • Promote Bush's education policies as a way of appealing to young Hispanic families with school-age children.

  • Sell tax cuts as beneficial for working Hispanic families.

  • Court Hispanics who are new to the country so that when they become citizens, Republicans can help them register to vote.

  • Target states with growing Hispanic populations, especially in the Sun Belt and South, to keep those states from tilting toward Democrats.

  • Target party activities toward Hispanics like several events at this inaugural to make it clear that Hispanics are very welcome in the Republican Party.

  • Place Hispanics in high-profile roles within the party, such as Cabinet appointments, to help sell the idea that Hispanics have a home in the GOP.

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