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Enough Already, Puerto Rico Cost

January 17, 2001

TO: Puerto Rico Herald

RE: Enough Already

Comments: I am the average American, living the average American life. Nothing special going on here.

I have followed the events involving Puerto Rico for a couple of years now because I developed some friendships with Puerto Rican folks here on the mainland.

As I see it, and as most of the Puerto Ricans I know see it, the folks on the Island behave like spoiled children, or at least the ones whose voices are loudest. They want to have all the goodies, but aren't willing to accept the rest.

I believe there should be a one time expression of their wishes either to be a state with all that entails, or be independent, and accept whatever the consequences are, either way.

Enough of the crying, complaining, and meanness. Let them decide what they want, and if the "quiet majority" remain quiet, then don't complain if things don't go the way you wanted. Enough already.

G. Ritts



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Puerto Rico Cost

Are you having trouble making it on pensions, Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid? Would you appreciate $13 billion just handed to you by our beloved and generous government, and being told you do not have to pay any taxes to live in this country?

Read the Jan. 3 article in The Tribune, " Puerto Rico installs woman governor," by the Associated Press. Imagine what a beautiful national health care plan we could have had with all the money poured into Puerto Rico since 1917.

Now Puerto Ricans have elected a woman governor, biting the hand that feeds them. Even though thousands of Puerto Ricans have served in this country's military, the new governor advocates the "not in my back yard" policy with Vieques Island. Without the necessary military practice, Puerto Ricans in the military also will not be prepared to fight in other lands where they do not use paper guns.

I suggest we stop giving Puerto Rico that $13 billion every year and give it to Medicare and Medicaid, the people who still pay taxes and who would deserve and appreciate the money. We are evidently wasting it on Puerto Rico .

Kinda makes one wonder what big corporate outfit wants to develop Vieques Island as a resort area after they make our government spend billions cleaning it up, doesn't it?

Roy Wolford

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