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$100 Million Hotel, Marina, Shopping Center Project Planned In Ponce


January 11, 2001
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A $100 million-plus, mixed-use development featuring a hotel, marina, shopping center, walk-ups and villas are slated to be built in Ponce on PR-2, across from the Ponce 2000 shopping center.

Victoriano Martinez, head of the Ponce Permit & Planning office, said 82.83 acres belonging to the Sucesion Mario Mercado, will be developed by Adrian Mercado. Martinez said the first phase of the project, a breakwater, to contain the Caribbean Sea is almost completed. The breakwater will allow boats to enter into a calm water area, resembling a lake, so they can turn around to either enter the marina, or leave.

Work on the other phases of the project is about to begin. A small hotel, with 108 rooms will be part of the tourism development, which will include a marina. The marina will have space for 250 boats in the water as well as an additional 350 boats in dry stack.

There will also be a gas station to service the boats.

The project will have a 150,000 square-foot shopping center to service the marina and residential areas. The housing development will include 420 walk-ups and 37 villas. These are targeted for upper middle class and up-scale clientele, respectively.

The development has several sections of wetlands, which, according to Martinez, will be used for passive relaxation, such as walking and bycicling.

Architect for the project is Henry Gutierrez. Neither the architect, who was out of town, nor Mercado could be reached for comment.

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